mardi 23 mai 2023 13:30
Salle 1 - Hôtel Drouot , 9, rue Drouot 75009 Paris
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Catalogued sale " FURNITURE and ART OBJECTS

to be held on Tuesday 23 May at 1:30 pm at Hôtel Drouot (9, rue Drouot - 75009 Paris) and LIVE via our website and the Drouot Live platform (

Exhibitions : Drouot

Monday May 22 : 11am-6pm

Tuesday May 23 : 11am-12pm

Selling expenses in addition to the auction price of 28.8 % TTC (i.e. 24 % HT)

Fees for purchases on the Drouot-Digitale platform 1.8% VAT included (i.e. 1.5% VAT excluded) in addition


It is reminded that concerning second-hand jewels, these are sold as is and may therefore show more or less pronounced traces of use, without this necessarily being notified.

Mr. Flandrin applies the standard designations and technical regulations in accordance with the decree 2002-65 of January 14, 2002.

1. Mr. Flandrin designates stones modified by "traditional lapidary practices" in the same way as those that have not been modified ("Article 3").

2.Mr. Flandrin designates stones modified by other processes by the name of the stone, followed by the word "treated" or by the indication of the treatment undergone ("Article 2").

Stones not accompanied by certificates or attestations from laboratories have been estimated by Mr. Flandrin taking into account the possible modifications of paragraph 1.

As far as watches are concerned, restorations, modifications, technical characteristics, serial numbers, are notified to the best of our ability.

The same applies to the dimensions, sizes and weights indicated in the catalog.

These elements are only given as an indication to facilitate the inspection of the potential buyer and remain subject to his personal appreciation.

The responsibility of the auctioneer, the auctioneer and Mr. Flandrin cannot be called into question in case of omissions that may remain, despite the precautions taken.

The absence of an indication does not imply that a watch is free of defects.

No warranty is given on the condition of the watches and straps.

Revisions, adjustments and water-resistance remain the responsibility of the purchaser.

The mention gold, platinum and silver without further indication describes lots in 18K gold 750 ‰, platinum 900 ‰ and silver 925 ‰, nevertheless, there may be a variable regarding some titrations.

Mr. Flandrin is at your disposal for any information concerning the decree 2002-65 as well as the different kinds of existing treatments.

The techniques of identification and the conclusions of analysis concerning the origin and classification of stones and pearls can vary from one laboratory to another.

It is therefore possible to obtain in certain cases, a different result depending on the laboratory consulted.

CORAL (mentioned by a*)

Specimen in corallium spp (CITES appendix IIB pre-convention), is not subjected to the French regulation (Regulation 338/97 of 9/12/1996 in its article 2-W mc), this coral not being taken on the French coasts. This specimen is therefore not subject to the prohibition of the French environmental code.

This specimen can be marketed in the European Union because the material is worked in the form of jewelry.

Nevertheless a CITES re-export will be necessary for an exit of the European Union and this at the expense of the future purchaser.

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