Gogotte of Fontainebleau Height : 21 cm,... - Lot 45 - Euvrard & Fabre

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Gogotte of Fontainebleau Height : 21 cm,... - Lot 45 - Euvrard & Fabre
Gogotte of Fontainebleau Height : 21 cm, Length : 12 cm, Width : 10 cm The gogottes : They come from the pure sands of Fontainebleau. These sands were deposited in dune, coastal and deltaic environments during the lower Oligocene (33.9 to 28.1 million years ago). The Fontainebleau gogottes are sandstone concretions made of siliceous sand cemented by silica, dispersed within uncemented sand. The circulation of water saturated in silica is at the origin of the concretion. This circulation is due to the internal flows of the water table. Over time, the water deposits silica in the interstices and the crystallization of the silica favours the growth of the concretions. The formation of the gogottes took place during the cold periods of the quaternary. Because of the purity of the Fontainebleau sands, the extracted gogottes are white and have a smooth and regular surface. Since the 1970s, these sandstone concretions have been called "gogottes" or "sandstone dolls". Louis XIV appreciated these strange shapes and used many gogottes for the ponds and fountains in the park of the Château de Versailles. One can see them around the basins of the bosquet des trois fontaines or of the Encelade
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