A large number of books and journals on museum... - Lot 510 - Eve

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A large number of books and journals on museum... - Lot 510 - Eve
A large number of books and journals on museum collections and exhibitions, including: Cognacq-Jay Guide Museum by Brunel (2 copies) Cognacq-Jay Museum: Furniture by Néto Cognacq-Jay Museum: Paintings by Burollet Cognacq-Jay Museum: Miniatures by Lemoine-Bouchard Museo Nacional De Arte Decorativo Buenos Aires: Guia del Museo, Museum's Guide, Coleccion Asinari Di Bernezzo, Coleccion Zubov. Anticuarios Fair 2004 by Belluci The Fan Museum by Alexander Frederic Marès Museum by Rivero Paintings from foreign schools by the Carcassonne Museum of Fine Arts Zuckergefasse und Zuckergerate aus Silber im Zucker-Museum by Struck The Dona i el Romanticism by Vélez La fortuna d'unes obres: Sant Père de Rodes, del monestir al museu by Vélez Teatres de de joguina: From the maintenance to the col-leccionism, Catalunya segles XIX-XX by Vélez Journal of the exhibition D'hommes & d'argent: Goldsmith's workshop of High Britain 15th-18th century by Museum of Brittany José Baptista-Filho: exposiçao de Ourivesaria Miraills d'Orient by Casamartina Parassols Les Maitres du Nors: album of the exhibition by Musée Calvet, Avignon. Calvet Foundation: Works of Art, Legacies & Donations since 1811 by the Calvet Museum. Skin & Paper by Fontaine The Napoleonic Museum: Guide to the visit Shanghai Museum: Ancient Chinese Ceramics Gallery, Ancient Chinese Jade Gallery, Chinese Ming and Qing Furniture Gallery. Horta Museum Ziem: oreintaliste or impressionist, A la Belle Epoque des fauves by Musée Fournaise Evening wear 1826-1914 by the Musée de beaux-arts de Carcassonne. Museum of mechanical musical instruments by Rouillé Nissim Museum of Camondo: catalogue of collections by Messelet Tea time at the Carcassonne Fine Arts Museum and the Limoges Enamel Museum Par monts et par valaux: the landscape in the 19th century in the collections of
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